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Bulk Food Bag Small
Bulk Food Bag Small
Bulk Food Bag Small
Bulk Food Bag Small
Bulk Food Bag Small
Bulk Food Bag Small

Bulk Food Bag Small

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The Reusable Bag for Bulk Food Shopping

Our SMALL SIZE bag comfortably holds 6 cups of dry goods from the bulk food store. This bag is ideal for one person, couples and small families. Perfect for flours, rice, sugars, lentils, dried beans, quinoa, oats and other grains. If you have a larger family then our LARGE bag may suit you better.

The Small Bag is also great as a snack bag ~ Good for Chocolates, nuts etc and even doubles up perfectly as a pastry bag at your local bakery.

Most families will use 3 to 6 bags when bulk food shopping, so we suggest you purchase a minimum of 3 bags to really get the hang of replacing disposable paper and plastic bags. A mix of some large bags and small bags is a good way to start as most people will buy more of some produce like flour and rice and less of other produce like nuts and dried fruit. Once you have your Bulk Food Bags sorted, remember to add 1 or 2 Veggie Bags, these transform the way you carry veggies home and store them whilst helping to reduce food waste as well as unnecessary plastic waste. 

BONUS: With every Bulk Food Bag you purchase you will receive a My Last Bag pencil as a gift so you have an easy way to label your bags at the bulk food store! You can either write the name of the produce or the product number on the bag label for easy check out. The pencil simply rubs off with a wet cloth when you change produce. 

Here are the highlights of why My Last Bag's Bulk Food Bag is the smartest storage solution to be invented since bulk food shopping began.  

It reduces time and waste in an instant!

  • No more paper or plastic bags to fill up
  • Save paper and plastic waste ~ be an Eco warrior!
  • No transferring to a new container when you get home
  • Store in pantry, fridge or freezer
  • Tare weight is printed on the bag for easy checkout
  • Made from Unbleached Undyed Hemp lined with a certified Food safe liner
  • Turn inside out, wipe clean with a damp cloth ~ No washing required
  • Comes with a special crayon to write on bag label

You shop and store in the one bag!

 To close simply roll down twice and snap closed just like the photos. 

Product Specs

 Size 16cm x 23cm
Weight 75 grams
Outer Fabric Unbleached Undyed Dew Retted Hemp
Lining TPU - Certified Food Safe, BPA Free, Phthalate and Heavy Metal Free as tested by Intertek


Hemp Fabric

Our Hemp fabric is Unbleached and Undyed. Variations in the colour and weave of the fabric may be present. This is the nature of Unbleached Undyed sustainable fabrics. Please note this is not a fault in the product, but rather a beautiful display of what happens naturally. We personally love the variations that Natural Hemp fabric has and feel it adds to the beauty of our product. 

How to take care of your Bulk Food Bag

  • Simply turn bag inside out and wipe clean with a cold damp cloth
  • The bag shouldn't need washing too often, but when needed only wash by hand with cold water and drip dry
  • Treat me with love