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3 steps to a Waste Free Easter! – Tip No2 for a Waste Free 2019

It’s that time of year again! You either love it or hate it ~ overloads of chocolate and often over-hyped kids!

Personally I have very sweet memories of Easter with SWEET being the key word here, haha… I love the Egg hunt and how excited my two boys get. It’s a Sunday Morning I look forward to with joy.

However, with all that SWEETness often also comes much mess and unfortunately much waste! Most holidays create an incredible amount of waste and an attitude of consumerism that I detest. So with Easter only 2 days away I’d like to share some last minute tips on how to make this Holiday a bit more Waste Free and a bit more Planet Friendly.

3 steps to a Waste Free Easter;

1. Reusable Easter Baskets

The stores are full of bright coloured often poorly made plastic Easter Baskets. Let’s face it, we all know that most of these baskets will end up in the bin within a few weeks if not earlier as they will break quickly and have no further use.

Instead opt for a Reusable good quality basket or a basket you already have in your home. If you don’t have a little basket already buying a proper little basket may initially cost you more, but you can use it every future Easter ~ in the long run you will save money and more importantly you will be saving on a lot of unnecessary plastic waste.

Be creative ~ Make your own little basket with some scrap paper you have lying around and a stapler, there are many options ~ even My Last Bag’s Small Reusable Bulk Food bag doubles up perfectly as a little Easter basket ;)

2. Easter Eggs & Easter Bunnies

Most Bulk Food stores these days sell Easter Eggs in bulk, how great is that!!! Simply bring your Reusable Bulk Food bag to your local bulk food store and fill it up with eggs. Due to the lining on the My Last Bag bulk food bags there is no need to worry about the chocolate staining your bag, you can simply turn the bag inside out and wipe it clean with a wet sponge.

As a mum I do get it ~ your kids want the sparkly shiny eggs ~ it’s often naturally what they are attracted to. In this case (or if you’re planning an outdoor egg hunt) opt for the foil wrapped eggs. Make sure to collect all the foil wrappers and scrunch them all together into one big ball (I often wrap a big piece of foil from one of the big eggs around all the little ones). This way you can throw the aluminium foil ball into your recycling bin.

When it comes to the larger Eggs and Bunnies that are often part of the Easter gifts again opt for the foil wrapped ones for the same reason, avoid the ones that are in a cardboard and plastic box, this is unnecessary packaging. There are heaps of options out there without the extra packaging.

3. Hot cross buns

  • Of course the best most waste free option is to make your own Hot Cross Buns from ingredients bought in your local bulk food store brought home in your reusable bulk food bags. There are plenty of recipes online on how to make your own hot cross buns like this one; 
    Healthy Hot Cross Buns
  • The second best option is to buy them from the bakery and bring them home in a Reusable bag such as a Reusable Bread bag or the Small or Large Bulk Food Bag by My Last Bag.
  • Non of us are perfect however, so if you do end up doing a last minute shop or are simply time or funds poor you will most likely buy the 6 pack they sell at the supermarkets. Make sure to dispose of the plastic packaging correctly by putting it in the soft plastic recycling at either Coles or Woolworths. 

Enjoy a SWEET yet WASTE FREE Easter!!

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